Is there a doctor in the house?


The answer to that question is a resounding YES! Need a last-minute vaccination before jetting off to your holiday destination? At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you can! Our airport has a medical centre for travellers, visitors and employees. Our first-aid GP practice, travel clinic and pharmacy in departure hall 2 provide 24/7 healthcare to travellers in need.

Are you Fit To Fly?
In addition to getting your vaccinations, you can also drop by to check whether you are fit to fly. A doctor or nurse will determine if you are ready for your trip or if any further measures need to be taken before boarding. The medical centre is unlike a regular GP practice: you do not need to make an appointment to see a consultant.

I forgot to bring my meds!
Don't panic! Our pharmacy has well over 800 meds in stock! For example, pick up malaria tablets with your prescription before your faraway trip, or get any regular meds you may have forgotten to bring.

For whom?

The medical centre at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is accessible to the public. Our team of healthcare professionals at the first-aid GP practice is available 24/7. On average, 23,000 travellers visit the medical centre every year. As you might imagine, the most common complaints include ear problems after a flight.

In the past six months, over 100 nationalities used the medical services available at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, over 70% of whom were Dutch.

Check www.airportmedicalservices.com for more info.