Schiphol CEO’s response to open letter by Greenpeace

In an open letter, Greenpeace has asked Ruud Sondag, Schiphol's CEO, whether he is opting for a sustainable future.   

He has the following response:  

‘Interest groups are justified in pushing for a cleaner Netherlands and holding the CEO accountable for this. I’ve been committed to a sustainable Netherlands for more than 25 years, and that won’t change of course. I’m from here, and Schiphol is from here.   

Schiphol has an important social mission: Connecting the Netherlands to the rest of the world and helping promote the well-being of the Dutch people. Schiphol directly links the Netherlands to almost 300 destinations across the globe. That’s wonderful, but this has to be done differently. In a way that’s better for our employees and the environment, with fewer emissions and pollution.  

Our objective is clear. We want emissions-free airports by 2030 and net climate-neutral aviation by 2050.And we have an duty to lead the way in that. When I look at this sector now, I see that, yes, this needs to happen faster; I share that sense of urgency. It’s also Schiphol's role to help our customers their ambitions for sustainability.  

As part of the aviation sector, we must do everything we can to become not only quieter but also cleaner. That's my view. The task is immense, but achievable. However, this is only possible if we all work together. Coming together for our environment, the government and for society. Clear laws, regulations and proper permits are a necessity. We need clarity on that soon.    

Sustainability is also about treating employees sustainably. That’s also part of my agenda. I stand up for them as well. Demonstrating is a great good. With respect to our employees — who work hard day in day out for the passengers at Schiphol,   

I’ll be happy to dialogue with everyone; with Greenpeace, employees, trade unions, with everyone in the coming period.   

And, as for Saturday, feel welcome, but let’s keep things civil.’   

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