‘Siri, where is the Starbucks at Schiphol?’

Whether you are looking for the nearest H&M or the exact route from Security Control to your gate, from now on the Maps app on your iPhone is your best friend (just be sure to update to iOS11).

Out of theblue

Mapping out your route in the terminal just got a little easier with the Maps app on the iPhone. The famous blue dot shows exactly where you are at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You can also see information, reviews and photos of shops and catering outlets on your phone with just a single click. This way, you can quickly find your favourite coffee place and check if you have enough time to walk there before you need to board.

What about Google Maps?

We are working hard to ensure that the detailed map of Schiphol will soon be available in Google Maps as well, so please be patient. In the meantime, you can use your Android device to view the expanded map in our app or at schiphol.nl/plattegronden. Getting lost in the terminal is officially a thing of the past.