Traffic and transport figures for November 2020

The number of flights to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in November fell by 61% to a total of 14,858 (37,802 in November 2019). This resulted in a total of 0.9 million passengers who travelled to, from or via Schiphol (5.3 million in November 2019), representing an 83% drop in passenger numbers. The number of cargo flights rose to 2,396 (+103%) compared to the same month last year, which partly accounts for the 7% increase in transported tonnage. 


Of the over 900,000 passengers in November, approximately 630,000 travelled from or to a destination within Europe. Some 270,000 passengers travelled to an intercontinental destination. These figures both represent an 83% decrease compared to the same month last year. Passenger movements across all continents showed a sharp decrease, varying from a decrease of 70% (Latin America) to 88% (Asia). 


The number of all-cargo flights more than doubled, from 1,180 to 2,396, in November in respect of last year. This compensates for the tonnage normally transported on passenger flights, with the total transported volume increasing by 7% to over 145,000 tonnes. The increase in the number of all-cargo flights mainly took place in respect of North America and Asia. The number of cargo flights to other continents showed an increase in respect of 2019. 

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