What can I pack in my hand baggage?

What to pack in your hand baggage
The summer holidays have kicked-off, you’ve packed your bags and it’s time for a well-deserved break. However, it’s important to know what items can be brought with you in hand baggage – and whether things like peanut butter, power banks, umbrellas, medication and baby food are allowed or not, and whether you needd to take off your shoes at the security checks. enRead on to learn how you can set-off on your trip feeling well-prepared!

Leave your peanut butter at home
Most items are allowed in your hand baggage, as long as they do not appear on the list of prohibited items. However, there are a few things to take note of when packing liquids. Please ensure that all liquids are held in containers that can hold up to 100-ml of liquid each. Place those containers in a 1-litre transparent and resealable bag. That bag may be taken with you on all flights, including connections. You’ll always be safe with the 1-litre bag! Spreadable and sprayable substances are also considered to be liquids. If you would like to bring peanut butter with you – one of the most popular items for Dutch travellers – please n .make sure you store it in your hold baggage.

There are many other items you may bring with you in your hand baggage. For example, you may carry a small pair of scissors, a nail file and tweezers, as long as the blade is no longer than 6-cm. You may also carry an umbrella if it does not have a pointed tip. For safety reasons, our security personnel have the final say on which items can be taken on board. You are allowed to carry medication in your hand baggage; but in some cases, you may need to request a permit. You are allowed to carry baby food in your hand baggage if you’re travelling with a baby. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about what items you are allowed to take in your hand baggage.

Your airline may have additional rules for hand baggage; for instance, whether power banks are allowed.. Please ask your airline about whether they allow power banks on board if you wish to charge your mobile devices during your flight.

Shoes on or off
It’s best to pack all liquids and electronic devices on top of your hand baggage before you arrive at the security check. You do not need to take out these items if you are travelling to a non-Schengen destination. Simply empty the pockets of your trousers, sweater or cardigan and place everything in a tray. Don’t forget to remove your handkerchief and other small items as well, because your pockets need to be completely empty when you go through the security scan. You also need to take off your jacket or boots (including ankle-length boots). You are now ready for the security check. Hands up!

If you’d more tips to get your summer holiday off to a flying start, or are curious about the top-10 items travellers leave behind on their flights, just visit www.schiphol.nl/summer. If you arrived at the airport only to realise you forgot to pack something, you can pick up all ofnl your travelling essentials at Schiphol.