What to do if your suitcase goes missing?

You’ve packed your favourite outfits, shoes and suntan lotion – but you get to your destination only to find that your suitcase didn’t arrive. This page explains what to do next.

How it works
There is a lot to organise from a logistical standpoint. Every day, around 2,000 baggage handlers transport over 130,000 suitcases to and from the planes. Airlines hire baggage handlers to organise their baggage processes for them. If your luggage does not make it to your plane on time, the handling agent will store your luggage, then work together with your airline to send your suitcase on the next available flight. It’s often fast but it can also take a while, especially if many other suitcases were left behind.

What to do next
If you cannot find your baggage upon arrival at your destination, your first port of call should be your airline’s baggage counter. They can confirm whether or not your suitcase has arrived. They will ask you to complete a form, on which you must enter your address at your destination. Once your suitcase arrives, it will be promptly forwarded to the address that you specify. You can also contact your airline with questions. Simply visit Schiphol.nl for your airline’s contact details, baggage handler details and phone number. Your airline may also be able to assist if you incur expenses while you are without a suitcase. Please note that Schiphol only facilitates the underlying baggage systems – as a customer of your airline, they are your first point of contact.