FNV demand not realistic

This is a joint press release by security firms G4S, I-SEC and Securitas and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Yesterday evening, on 25 May 2016, the security firms working at Schiphol and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol met with FNV Security to discuss the working conditions of security staff at Schiphol. During the meeting, which took place on the initiative of Schiphol, agreements reached by the airport with CNV Vakmensen and De Unie Security earlier this week – which concern a reduction of the maximum standing time to 120 minutes and the start of two pilots that will involve effective work breaks and making standing work easier – were clarified.

In addition, certain points from the ultimatum previously issued by the FNV were discussed. In the course of this discussion, the FNV introduced a new demand.

The security firms and Schiphol have responded to nearly all points presented by the FNV with concrete measures. They must regretfully conclude, however, that this new demand from the FNV is unrealistic. The FNV demands that the reduction of the maximum standing time to 120 minutes be implemented as of 1 July this year, rather than on 1 September.

Earlier implementation of shortened maximum standing time not practically feasible

Early implementation of the reduction in maximum standing time is practically unfeasible because, at this short notice, insufficient security staff are available. In cooperation with the other trade unions, a conscious decision was made to schedule implementation as of 1 September in connection with the necessary process of recruiting, selecting, training and screening new security personnel. A shortage of staff would endanger the stability of operations, particularly during the expected busy summer season. This could lead to unsafe situations and is therefore unacceptable.

Despite the FNV's stance on this specific issue, all remaining points presented by the FNV will be adopted in full. The security firms and Schiphol are continuing their efforts to further improve the working conditions of security staff; they deeply regret the FNV's insistence on this sole remaining, unrealistic demand. Potential collective action initiated by the FNV will change nothing.

Strike action inappropriate and unacceptable

The security firms and Schiphol have communicated to the FNV that they consider future strike actions organised by the union to be inappropriate and unacceptable.

Schiphol has additionally informed the FNV that they intend to recover any damages as a result of collective action from the trade union, and that the airport is considering legal action.

Press release concerning the agreements reached by CNV Vakmensen and De Unie Security, the security firms and Schiphol on 23 May.