Photography and filming


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a unique location for taking professional photographs and making films. The dynamic and international character of the airport and its recognition make it a highly attractive setting for both news features and for a broad range of productions.

Permission to take photographs and to film at the airport is subject to various conditions, primarily in connection with the applicable airport security regulations and maintaining the continuity of operations at the airport. 

Photography or filming for news coverage purposes

The mediarelations team handles all requests for news coverage. In principle, there are no costs involved. The mediarelations team can be contacted via the following telephone number or e-mail address:

Telephone: +31(0)20 601 2673



Photography and filming for commercial purposes and purposes other than for news coverage

There is a charge for taking photographs and filming at the airport for commercial purposes and purposes other than for news coverage. Our photo and film department handles all photography and filming requests for commercial and other non-press coverage purposes. We  evaluate the script, operational feasibility and inform you about the costs. If the request is approved, we will ensure proper guidance and will provide you with the required authorisation forms. Furthermore, the cooperation of the relevant parties at the airport, such as Floor Management, the airlines and the Royal Netherlands Marechausse is coordinated centrally.

For further information or to submit your request, please contact Daniëlle Timmer: