Suitcases by mail

You're loaded up like a pack mule on your way to Schiphol, ready to go on holiday. Everything you need is tucked away in multiple suitcases, which you then try to squeeze into your car or drag with you onto the train. But what if you'd prefer to ride your bike to the airport? What then? We've got just the thing: why not have your suitcase picked up from your home!

No lugging required

A PostNL delivery driver, who normally delivers your mail or packages, will come pick up your suitcases at your home the evening before you leave on holiday. This allows you to head for Schiphol in comfort and convenience, with no need to lug around heavy baggage. Once at our airport, you simply collect your suitcases from the baggage depot and check them yourself.

And if you're flying with Corendon, you’re really in luck: in that case, the PostNL delivery driver will even check your suitcases for you. In fact, they can do so before arriving at Schiphol, thanks to smart digital solutions. Here at Schiphol, the suitcases can then go straight into our baggage systems. You'll be reunited with them at the baggage belt in the destination country.

And what about the way home? Simply claim your suitcase from the baggage belt at Schiphol and drop it off at the baggage depot at Schiphol Plaza. Then you can head home worry-free, knowing your suitcase will be delivered to your home the very next day!

Bigger isn't always better

Packing most of your belongings in your big suitcase allows you to travel with small hand baggage. If you do, you'll have the opportunity to pass through our Small Bags Only Security Control. This is a special Security lane for passengers travelling with only a small handbag or backpack as hand baggage. That gets you through the Security Control much faster! Be sure to keep in mind which items you are and are not permitted to carry in your hand baggage.