2016 Airports Going Green Awards presented at Schiphol

At the international Airports Going Green conference at Schiphol, the 2016 Airports Going Green Awards and 2016 Airports Going Green Award Honourable Mentions were presented today during a special event. Every year, the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) presents the awards.

These prestigious awards recognize the contributions of each outstanding project, program, or person in pursuit of sustainability within the aviation industry.

An independent jury (the Evaluation Committee), which consists of various airport specialists and consultants, selected the winners from the many entries received.

The 2016 Airports Going Green Awards – made of reclaimed wood – were presented by the Deputy Commissioner of Environment, Aaron Frame from the Chicago Department of Aviation.

The winners of the 2016 Airports Going Green Award are as follows:

  • Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and Sean Donohue, CEO: 'The First North American Airport to Achieve ACI-ACA Carbon Neutral Certification (3+)';
  • Copenhagen International Airport: 'Measuring Air Quality at the Airport';
  • HMS Host: 'Food Donation Programme';
  • Hong Kong International: 'Airport Carbon Measurement Programme';
  • Nashville International Airport & Christine Vitt, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Sustainability: 'Geothermal Lake Plate Cooling';
  • United Airlines: 'Biofuels Programme'.

2016 Airports Going Green Award Honourable Mentions:

  • Colorado Department of Transportation: 'Statewide General Aviation Airport Sustainability Programme';
  • Jeffrey Daniels, Orlando International Airport: 'Individual Leadership';
  • Houshang Esmaili, San Francisco International Airport: 'Individual Leadership';
  • Flagstaff Airport: 'Sustainability Plan';
  • Kent State University Airport: 'Sustainable Master Plan';
  • Montreal-Trudeau International Airport: 'Deicing fluid recovery, recycling and reuse facility';
  • Napa Farms Market & San Francisco International Airport: 'Reusable Water Bottles';
  • John Picard (John Picard & Associates): 'Individual Leadership';
  • Lorenzo Lo Presto, CEO, Rome International Airport: 'Individual Leadership';
  • G.V. Sanjay Reddy (Mumbai): 'Individual Leadership';
  • Rio de Janeiro International Airport: 'Employee Sustainability Training Programme';
  • San Diego International Airport: 'Air Conditioning Condensate Sustainability Programme';
  • Tampa International Airport: 'Legacy of Environmental Actions for our Future (LEAF)';
  • Vancouver International Airport: 'Waste Wars';
  • OHare International Airport: 'South Air Traffic Control Tower Sustainability Initiatives'.

The Chicago Department of Aviation, the American Association of Airport Executives and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol would like to congratulate all the winners on their awards!

About Airports Going Green 2016

From 31 October to 2 November, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be hosting the Airports Going Green 2016 conference. This event, launched nine years ago by the Chicago Department of Aviation and the American Association of Airport Executives, is now an annual conference recognised as the aviation industry's premier sustainability platform.

In 2014, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol received the Airports Going Green Award for its sustainability programme and was the first hub airport to achieve the highest level in the Airports Council International CO2 benchmark.

For regular updates about Airports Going Green 2016, follow the conference on Twitter @AirportsGoGreen, #AGG2016 Facebook: Airports Going Green, LinkedIn: Airports Going Green Conference.

Images of the Airports Going Green Conference are available in our media library: http://news.schiphol.com/media-library/.