75 new jobs created at Schiphol thanks to Aviation Inclusive

Over the past year, 75 people with an occupational disability have been given a job or work placement thanks to Aviation Inclusive. The Aviation Inclusive initiative was launched by Schiphol Group in June 2016, in collaboration with KLM and Schiphol Aviation College, in order to create more jobs for people with an occupational disability.

So far, 27 employers at Schiphol airport are already taking part. By means of intensive collaboration, they are seeking out opportunities to create openings for this target group. The employers operate on the basis of a shared philosophy. They hope to welcome even more employers and naturally create even more jobs as a result.

The employers work together with the municipalities of Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer, Almere, Zaanstad and Haarlem. From now on, all the different municipalities will operate from a single counter which is available for the labour market in the Schiphol region or around. This was symbolically opened today by Jos Nijhuis (CEO of Royal Schiphol Group) and alderman Vliegenthart (municipality of Amsterdam).

We have already been able to place 75 people in the first year, which is great news. It's wonderful to see the success of this initiative, in which we are joining forces to help people with an occupational disability. Everyone who would like to work at Schiphol deserves a chance.
Jos Nijhuis, CEO Royal Schiphol Group