Aalsmeerbaan and Kaagbaan consecutively unavailable due to runway maintenance

The Aalsmeerbaan runway will be undergoing maintenance from 27 September to 13 October, after which the Kaagbaan runway will then undergo maintenance from 13 to 22 October. During the runway maintenance, the relevant take-off/landing runways will not be available for air traffic. Due to major maintenance on the intersection (taxiway E1) between the Kaagbaan and Aalsmeerbaan, runway maintenance between these two runways will overlap. Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) will be simultaneously replacing the Instrument Landing System (ILS) of the Kaagbaan.

Regular maintenance is carried out on the runways each year to ensure the landing and take-off runways are and continue to be in good condition. Repair work will be carried out on the asphalt and markings. The cabling and electricity will be checked, lights will be cleaned or replaced and the surrounding lawns will be mowed. The work will be combined with maintenance on the intersection between the Aalsmeerbaan and the Kaagbaan, Taxiway E1. The activities will be carried out in collaboration with Heijmans.

During maintenance of the Kaagbaan runway, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) will be simultaneously replacing the Instrument Landing System (ILS). An ILS helps aircraft to descend to the runway at a gradual angle. A number of activities can only be carried out on the ILS after the maintenance work has been completed and measurement flights are conducted to verify the correct and accurate operation of the system.

Modified runway use

Between 27 September and 13 October, aircraft that normally take off from or land on Runway the Aalsmeerbaan will have to use the Kaagbaan and Buitenveldertbaan.

Due to work on the intersection between the runways (11 to 13 October), in addition to the Aalsmeer Runway, the Kaagbaan will also be out of use or limited in use for air traffic for some time. On those days the Zwanenburgbaan can be used for landings from or starts to the south.

During maintenance on the Kaagbaan (13-22 October), air traffic will make more use of the Aalsmeerbaan, Zwanenburgbaan and Buitenveldertbaan.

On Wednesday 20 October, work will again be carried out on the intersection between Aalsmeerbaan and Kaagbaan runways, which means that the Aalsmeerbaan will also be unavailable during the day. Traffic is expected to use the Zwanenburgbaan for landings and take-offs from the south. The Buitenveldertbaan could also be used.

Due to the replacement of the Landing System, the Kaagbaan will not be able to be used as a landing runway under all visibility conditions until mid-November. As a result, the Aalsmeerbaan and Zwanenburgbaan will be able to be used as a landing runway more often in the event of northerly winds or limited visibility.

Residents with questions
For more information or any questions about air traffic during the maintenance period, local residents will be able to contact the Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol (Bas) On its website, Bas provides information about current runway use and operational details and is the information and complaints centre for air traffic from, to and at Schiphol. The Centre is available 7 days a week (09.00-17.00) by phone on +31 (0) 20-601 55 55 or by consulting the website.

A factsheet on air traffic at Schiphol is published on the BAS website every week, which gives local residents an insight into the development of air traffic. In addition, local residents will be able to use the new app Notifly to get real-time insight into the current and expected air traffic at their location at all times. Schiphol keeps local residents informed of relevant developments in air traffic at Schiphol by means of a newsletter. Anyone can sign up for the newsletter for local residents.