Airports ask the aviation industry to aim for emission-free aviation

The European airports affiliated with Airports Council International (ACI) today adopted a resolution calling upon the aviation industry to work towards emission-free aviation. The European airports themselves have pledged to be emission-free by 2050. Royal Schiphol Group is the co-initiator of the resolution.

ACI Europe recognises the efforts of the aviation industry to achieve CO2-neutral growth from 2020 onwards through the global CORSIA system. However, the airports believe that the industry's ambition should go beyond CO2-neutral growth. As a result, they asked them to develop a roadmap for emission-free aviation. The airports are doing so based on the IPCC report on global warming published on 8 October 2018. The Dutch aviation industry had already expressed its ambition to achieve emission-free aviation.

The airports are also asking ICAO-affiliated governments to recognise the IPCC report and to develop a long-term plan to reduce CO2 emissions.

CO2-neutral airports in 2050

At the same time, the European airports are committing to the objective of zero emissions by 2050 and the capture and storage of any remaining emissions. ACI has developed a sustainability strategy that airports can use to accelerate sustainability. Royal Schiphol Group has greater ambitions for its airports and is committed to ensuring that the airports in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Lelystad are already emission-free by 2030.