Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and KLM take another step on the way to sustainable mobility

BioDiesel for airport ground transport

Effective today, approximately 40 ground transport vehicles in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and KLM fleet are powered by 100% BioDiesel. Both parties are investing efforts in introducing more sustainable transport vehicles at the airport, where a number of electrically-powered vehicles are also already in use. However, as electric power is not currently suitable for all vehicle types, the use of BioDiesel presents a sustainable alternative. The BioDiesel that Schiphol and KLM will be using for ground transportation consists of 100% spent cooking oil and contains no fossil fuels. The supplier, SkyNRG, also supplies sustainable kerosene for aircraft flown by KLM, Thomson Airways and Finnair.

‘By using 100% BioDiesel in our vehicles we are injecting a powerful impetus in the advancement of sustainable enterprise at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We have formulated the ambition of running a CO2-neutral operation by 2012, and investment in sustainable mobility is one way in which we will achieve this’, explains Ad Rutten, Executive Vice President & COO of Schiphol Group.

Over the next four months, some 40 airport vehicles will be running on 100% BioDiesel. These include tractors and catering, bird control, lease and delivery vans. If the pilot proves a success within those four months, additional vehicles will be switched over to BioDiesel.


SkyNRG is a Dutch company established by KLM, the North Sea Group and Spring Associates with the mission of achieving greater sustainability in aviation through the use of fuels that are both sustainable and economical. In pursuing that mission, SkyNRG relies on a range of raw materials and technologies.