Arrival of Jet Airways brings daily non-stop flights from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to India

A nice anniversary gift for the airport

From the end of March, in collaboration with KLM and the American Delta Air Lines, the Indian airline Jet Airways will offer daily (return) flights from Delhi and Mumbai. One of the flights will then continue on to Toronto. This was announced by the relevant parties at a press conference earlier today. This makes Schiphol the new transfer airport for Jet Airways for passengers who are flying from India and the surrounding countries to Europe or North America.

At the joint press conference, the parties looked ahead to 27 March, the date of the inaugural Jet Airways flight to Schiphol. From that date onwards, the Indian airline will use an Airbus A330-300 for these routes, with 34 seats in Premier Class and 259 seats in Economy Class. Since 2013, Jet Airways has been partly owned by Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates), which has been collaborating with Air France-KLM for quite some time.

Jos Nijhuis, president and CEO of Schiphol Group, is pleased with the collaboration with Jet Airways.

Jos Nijhuis
In the context of our 100th anniversary, this is a fantastic gift for Schiphol. It really is an honour for Jet Airways to have chosen our airport. Schiphol wishes to connect the Netherlands with the rest of the world as effectively as possible. The collaboration with Jet Airways will take us one step closer to our goal.
Jos Nijhuis