Buitenschot land art park enjoys festive opening

World first in ground-noise reduction

Buitenschot is now the second area to feature such ground-noise reducing measures. Various small hills have been created throughout the Buitenschot Land Art Park to help reduce the ground-noise from departing aircraft. However, Buitenschot also doubles as an attractive location for walking and recreation. The park is part of Haarlemmermeer‘s ‘Groene Carré’, a network of green areas surrounding the Schiphol area. Artist Paul de Kort designed two works for Buitenschot, a ‘Listening Ear’ and a diamond-shaped lake where visitors can create ripple patterns on the water surface while standing on a bridge equipped with a wave generating device.

Open to everyone

Buitenschot covers an expanse of 33 hectares and is freely accessible to all. The area features a footpath and a cycling path. The park will also be equipped with a dog training field and bridleway. Visitors arriving by car can use the small car park to the north-west of the park.

Noise-reduction measure

Efforts to reduce ground-noise are being conducted as part of the Alders platform agreements. Schiphol Group has designated a total of 2 million euros for the Buitenschot project. Stichting Mainport en Groen has contributed a total of 1 million euros.