Fault in fuel system resolved, update 26 July 10.00

July 26, 10:00

Operations began normally at Schiphol this morning and the situation has returned to normal, following on from the fuel supply failure on the 24th and its aftermath on the 25th. There are now no more delays and cancellations due to the fault.

25 July, 16.30

Schiphol is almost back to normal after yesterday’s situation. The queues at transfer desks and ticket counters have decreased. Our expectation is that most travellers will be re-booked through their respective airlines today. Airlines have provided hotels, where necessary, for travellers who cannot yet leave. In addition, Schiphol has made around 200 camper beds available for travellers, just in case.

25 July, 13.45

Travel advice update
100 flights to and from Schiphol have been cancelled by various airlines. Travellers are advised to check their current flight status before they make their way to Schiphol. We advise travellers with cancelled flights to contact their airline by phone, email or app instead of coming directly to the airport.

Fault update
Aircraft Fuel Supply, the airport’s third-party fuel supplier, had a fault in their power system at around 13:00 on Wednesday 24th July. For safety reasons and following established protocol, the system turned itself off. As a result, the piping system lost pressure, which meant that aircraft could not then be refuelled.

Schiphol, Aircraft Fuel Supply and the airlines have been hard at work since yesterday’s fault to resolve the situation. New parts are being supplied. The system was again fully operational by 21:00 on Wednesday 24th July.

"Independent investigations will be conducted into how this happened, and what preventative measures will be taken in the future. We recognise and understand that this is an unacceptable situation not just for ourselves, but also for travellers and airlines," said Miriam Hoekstra-van der Deen, Director Airport Operations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

25 July, 11.30

We expect further disruptions today after yesterday’s problems with the aircraft fuel supply system. People travelling today are advised to check their current flight status before leaving their point of origin for Schiphol. This can be done by consulting schiphol.nl/en, the Schiphol app, or with their airline. Schiphol and the airlines are working hard to minimise the disruption to travellers.


25 July, 06.00

Aircraft Fuel Supply’s system that controls the supply of aircraft fuel is reactivated since yesterday evening 21.00. Due to the aftermath of yesterday, we expect a partly disturbed day for today. Passengers have to take into account delays and possible cancellations. We regret the inconvenience caused to travelers and airlines alike. Passengers are advised to consult the up-to-date flight information on the Schiphol app, www.schiphol.nl, or to contact their airline.


24 July, 21.45

Currently the aircraft fuel supply system is reactivated and planes are being refuelled. The flight schedule is gradually restarted and the first flight have departed. Cancelled flights won’t depart tonight.


24 July, 21.15

Aircraft Fuel Supply’s system that controls the supply of aircraft fuel is currently starting up cautiously and gradually. More information will follow.


24 July, 19.15

Various airlines have cancelled approximately 180 flights. Travellers who had planned to depart this evening are now advised to consult schiphol.nl/en, the Schiphol app, or their airlines for the most up-to-date flight information prior to setting-off from their location to the airport.

Travellers unable to depart this evening should contact their airlines to make arrangements for overnight accommodation. Schiphol will provide camping stretchers for travellers who may be stranded at the airport.


24 July, 18.00

Aircraft Fuel Supply, a third-party company that controls aircraft fuel supply, currently has a fault in their system. Planes at Schiphol cannot be refuelled right now, which may cause flights to be delayed and cancelled. There are currently 70 flights waiting at the gate to be refuelled. There are now over 40 return flights that have been cancelled by various airlines. In addition, the number of incoming flights has been reduced to a third of normal capacity.

Schiphol and Air Fuel Supply are currently working hard on finding a solution. However, it is unclear exactly how long this will take, but it will definitely last in to the evening. Schiphol regrets the inconvenience caused to travellers and airlines alike.

The situation in the terminal is under control. Schiphol is deploying extra staff to ensure that everything runs smoothly and is distributing water.

Travellers are advised to consult schiphol.nl/en, the Schiphol app, or their airline for the most up-to-date flight information.