Collaboration in aviation sector to improve local air quality

The aviation sector, FNV (on behalf of the unions), the Dutch government and research institutes will be working together to reduce the amount of ultrafine particles and improve local air quality at Schiphol. Together, the parties will focus on conducting research and implementing solutions. 

A two-pronged approach has been adopted: investigating, developing and implementing measures and setting up and carrying out research into exposure and health among employees. A validation committee made up of scientists will be testing proposed measures and research. 

Independent chair 
The aviation sector parties, together with FNV and the Government, will set up a supervisory committee to monitor the progress and necessary measures to improve local air quality. The supervisory committee will be led by an independent chair who is yet to be appointed. 

Ultrafine Particles Action Plan 
Schiphol has in cooperation with aviation sector parties an active policy to work on sustainability and a good workplace. Reducing all emissions, including ultrafine particles, is crucial in this respect. Schiphol, together with the aviation sector, has been working for some time on reducing the emission of ultrafine particles based on the 2019 Ultrafine Particles Action Plan. A lot of improvements have already been made on and around the aprons through electrification. For example, with electric buses, electric pushback trucks, fixed power units and electric ground power units.