Collective action Schiphol security staff by FNV

The FNV trade union has announced that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol security staff will have a short work stoppage for at 19:00 this evening. This is the first stoppage in a series announced by FNV.

The union has announced its intention to cause as little inconvenience to passengers as possible and not to take any risks in terms of safety.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol deeply regrets FNV's decision to initiate collective action. We consider action by the union to be premature and undermining to the constructive dialogue currently taking place with regard to improving the working conditions of security staff at the airport. Schiphol has informed FNV that it reserves the right to file for a preliminary injunction to prevent such action, should the circumstances warrant such a step.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has already taken concrete steps to address problems involving the temperature and lighting at work stations. Problems that are harder to adress, will be dealt with with a specialised organisation.

Passengers will be kept abreast of current developments via our website www.schiphol.nl and Twitter.

Statement by Schiphol, 17 May 2016, in response to FNV's plans for collective action: