COVID-19 testing centre at Schiphol for travellers returning from high-risk areas

This is a news release from 2020. For up-to-date information about travelling via Schiphol and corona measures, please visit: Schiphol.nl/letsfly.

6 August 2020

As announced by the government, Schiphol and Public Health Service of Kennemerland(GGD) will shortly be setting up a COVID-19 testing centre at the airport. It will be located in Arrival Hall 3.  

Public Health Service of Kennemerland is arranging the tests and administration. Schiphol will ensure that the way to the testing centre is clearly marked, so that arriving travellers know where to go. Public Health Service staff will be directing travellers from high-risk areas to the testing centre.  

 A high-risk area is a country or region that has been given an orange or red travel advisory by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The travel advisories issued by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be found here.

The testing centre is an addition to the measures already in place at Schiphol. Schiphol works closely with all relevant governments, authorities and airline partners to ensure that travellers can travel safely and responsibly. We also continue to emphasise the traveller’s own responsibility: do not travel if you have symptoms and make sure you adhere to the measures at the airport and on board the plane. 

 Measures already in place 
Just as in the rest of the Netherlands, maintaining a 1.5 metre distance is the norm at Schiphol. In addition, the following measures are in place at Schiphol: 

  • Travellers must wear a face mask at check-in, security, border control and while boarding. 

  • Plastic screen guards have been installed at all check-in, transfer and ticket desks, and at other service points. 

  • Every second check-in desk and gate is used, where possible. 

  • Baggage trolleys are positioned at a 1.5 metre distance at the baggage belts, and the baggage from each flight is routed to a separate belt. 

  • The airport is fitted with stickers and markings to indicate the appropriate distance between travellers. 

  • Airport facilities are carefully cleaned, especially in areas that are used by a large number of people, such as the trays at security control and bathroom facilities.  

  • There are hand sanitising dispensers. 

  • Passengers are required to have a health declaration with them. 

  • Schiphol is deploying safeguards. They remind passengers to keep their distance, wear a face mask at the designated areas and regularly wash/disinfect their hands.   

  • Only travellers and staff should be in the terminal and Schiphol Plaza. People picking travellers up or dropping travellers off should not accompany them inside, unless absolutely necessary. Schiphol asks them to drop travellers off in front of Departures or wait for them in the car, in the car park.