Developments in the construction of new Schiphol terminal


The number of travellers at the airport is rising each year. In order to prepare itself for the future and the growing number of passengers, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is engaged in several construction projects. In addition to building a new pier, Schiphol is also getting ready for construction of the new terminal. These are unique construction projects being undertaken in one of Europe’s busiest airport operations.

All work is taking place while the airport remains in operation around the clock as usual. There will continue to be sufficient capacity and space for airlines and travellers throughout the duration of the work. This is in part due to the fact that Schiphol is implementing the projects in a particular order.

Renovation of Departure Hall 1 & Lounge 1

The construction work in Departure Hall 1 is well under way. The work includes introducing a mezzanine floor in Departure Hall 1, creating more space for security, check-in and waiting areas. In addition to the extra security lanes that are to be installed in Departure Hall 1, Schiphol will be putting in a temporary security filter on Cockpitplein. This is set to be ready by the end of 2019 and can remain in use until the new terminal is opened. Completion of the renovation work is scheduled for mid-2020 for Departure Hall 1 and for the start of 2022 for Lounge 1.

The new terminal

The new terminal will be situated partly where temporary Departure Hall 1A is currently located. Construction on the new terminal will only commence once the temporary departure hall has been completely dismantled. The dismantling of temporary Departure Hall 1A (set to finish by the end of 2020) will commence once the renovation work on Departure Hall 1 is complete.

Tendering process for the new terminal

The construction work for the new terminal was put out to tender last July. The contract will be awarded in spring 2020, when we will announce the construction firm/consortium with which Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be working.

A new construction plan will be drawn up in conjunction with them. One thing that’s certain is that a construction project on the scale of the new terminal will take at least 3½ years.
André van den Berg, CCO at Royal Schiphol Group