Extra capacity for contactless baggage drop

Schiphol has installed 20 new baggage drop-off points in departure hall 1, allowing travellers to check themselves in and drop their baggage off contactless. These new drop-off points in departure hall 1 mean an increased baggage check-in capacity for Schengen travellers. 

Travellers flying with nine different airlines are able to make use of this new service, for which two rows of check-in desks have been remodelled. Besides baggage drop-off points, this area of the airport also has self-service check-in kiosks.  

How self-service baggage drop works 

After receiving their boarding pass, travellers scan it at one of the kiosks in the drop-off area. The kiosk then prints a baggage tag for the traveller to attach to their suitcase. After this, the traveller goes to one of the baggage drop-off points where they are able to check in their bags in under a minute.  

In light of coronavirus, this new service is advantageous to both travellers and staff as it eliminates a point of contact. It also represents progress in terms of making the most of the space we have. Before, each airline had a separate row of check-in desks, but they weren’t always used. This new concept means that this large area can be used by everyone 24/7 – a lot more efficient.
Miriam Hoekstra - van der Deen, Director of Airport Operations at Royal Schiphol Group