Five things you didn’t know about our Christmas decorations

A thousand and one lights


‘Christmas decorations? Already? Isn’t it a bit early for that?’ At Schiphol, we love Christmas decorations so much that we just can’t wait to get into the festive spirit. We decorated our trees at the beginning of November and the lights have been twinkling away for some time already. So we’d like to share five facts that you probably didn’t know about our Christmas decorations


1. Our tallest Christmas tree is 17 metres high
The tallest Christmas tree that we have at Schiphol is in Jan Delleart square and it’s 17 metres high. This Christmas tree had been growing in someone's front garden for about 35 years but the tree got too tall... So now it serves as one of our beautiful Christmas trees.

2. The tallest tree has almost 1800 metres of Christmas lights
No Christmas tree is complete without Christmas lights, and for a tree measuring 17 metres, you need quite a few of them. The tallest tree has 89 sets of lights, measuring 20 metres each! They are all LED lights, of course.

3. There are 8 Christmas trees in and around Schiphol Plaza
There are 7 Christmas trees measuring over 3.5 metres, decorated with flamingos, tigers, ice creams and donuts. And right in the middle of Schiphol Plaza is the tallest tree, over 8.5 metres in height. This one has baubles, lights and also gift sets from Rituals.

4. Ten trailers full of lights and decorations are needed to decorate Schiphol for Christmas
Avontuur-BlachereNL helps us to put up the Christmas lights and all the other decorations.

5. All the decorations will be taken down again by the end of January
All good things must come to an end. So the time comes when we have to take down all those wonderful Christmas decorations. We don’t do this exactly on Epiphany, but we do start to take them down in the second week of January. And by the end of January you wouldn’t know that they’d ever been there.