Freeing up land reserved for second Kaagbaan Runway good news for local residents

Schiphol has welcomed the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management’s decision to free up land that had been reserved for a possible second Kaagbaan Runway. This measure represents a positive development for the airport’s neighbours. 

For more than 20 years, land had been reserved for the potential construction of a second Kaagbaan Runway: an unnecessary restriction in an area where land is already in short supply. A study carried out in 2019 concluded that, instead of reducing noise nuisance, a second Kaagbaan Runway would only serve to relocate the problem. In addition, Schiphol now sees no need for an extra runway and asked the relevant government department to lift this spatial planning restriction.

This request formed part of Schiphol’s stated ambition to become a quieter, cleaner and better airport, as presented in an eight-point plan earlier this year. In addition to dismissing proposals for an additional runway, Schiphol’s plan includes barring private jets, closing the airport to night-time flights, barring the noisiest aircraft and an environmental fund so that investments can be made in innovative construction concepts, home insulation and area development for an improved living environment.

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