Hanne Buis appointed Chief Projects & Assets Officer (CPAO) Royal Schiphol Group

Wilma van Dijk to be the new director of Lelystad Airport

With effect from 1 June, the Supervisory Board has appointed Hanne Buis (43) as the Chief Projects & Assets Officer (CPAO) of Royal Schiphol Group. As a result, Hanne will form part of Schiphol Group’s Board of Management. She will succeed André van den Berg, who previously indicated that he would not serve a second term as Chief Commercial Officer. In this role, she will be responsible for projects such as the new pier and terminal, asset management, real estate and IT.

Hanne has extensive experience within Royal Schiphol Group. She has held various positions since 2004, from Business Development Manager and Senior Airside Operations Manager to Aviation Marketing Director. She is currently Managing Director of Lelystad Airport.

The vacant position of Managing Director of Lelystad Airport will be filled by Wilma van Dijk as of 1 June. Wilma will also remain Director of Safety, Security & Environment at Royal Schiphol Group but will be delegating some of her duties.

Prior to her arrival at Schiphol, Wilma van Dijk gained extensive experience in various management positions including those of Deputy National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security and Director of Monitoring, Security & Civil Aviation.

Louise Gunning, Chair of the Supervisory Board of Royal Schiphol Group: 'With Hanne, I am pleased that the Supervisory Board has been able to achieve an internal appointment for this important position. Her all-round experience within the Schiphol Group – including managing large capital projects, intensive cooperation with local stakeholders and a prominent role in the public domain – makes Hanne the right person for this position.'

Dick Benschop, President & CEO of Royal Schiphol Group, on the arrival of Hanne Buis: 'Hanne knows Schiphol extremely well and, with her broad experience, is the perfect person for this role. These are exceptional times for the world, the Netherlands and the aviation sector. There are huge challenges ahead and I am glad to have Hanne on our team. With Wilma van Dijk simultaneously taking over the reins as her successor at Lelystad Airport, continuity in the management of Lelystad Airport is guaranteed as we move towards the opening in November 2021.'

Hanne Buis is looking forward to her new role as CPAO of Royal Schiphol Group. ‘At Lelystad Airport, we have created something excellent with colleagues and partners from the region. The airport now has an organisation and infrastructure that will be ready to welcome holidaymakers and commercial air traffic from November 2021. It is with great peace of mind that I pass the baton to the Lelystad team, of which I am extremely proud, and to Wilma, whom I know to be extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. Joining Schiphol Group's Board of Management is a wonderful challenge. I look forward to using my knowledge and experience to continue to contribute to a strong Dutch aviation sector, also in this new role.'

As from 1 June, Schiphol Group’s Board of Management will consist of Dick Benschop (CEO), Jabine van der Meijs (CFO), Birgit Otto (COO) and Hanne Buis (CPAO).