How to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres at Schiphol ?

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of the corona virus is to maintain a minimum of 1.5-metres distance between yourself and another person. However, there are some unique challenges in doing that at Schiphol – like when you’re boarding or disembarking a plane with several people at one time, or if you’re queueing to deposit or collect your baggage. Schiphol has seen that it can be very difficult for travellers to maintain a safe distance, especially in recent days – and much to our regret, it didn’t always run that smoothly. That is why we are increasing awareness of these measures and we’re asking you to work together with us to make this happen!

Gloves and hand gel  
First of all, we place great value on the health and safety of everyone – from traveller to employee  at Schiphol. That is why we ask everyone to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres where possible. But now, more than ever, our concern for safety is challenged due to the health measures. It makes it more difficult to keep an appropriate distance because we need to search people and bags during our security processes. This is also very demanding on our security staff. It is incredible that they are able to ensure everyone’s safety, especially in these times when people are eager to get home. We are taking extra hygiene steps for you and for our security staff. Security staff will always be wearing gloves and using disinfectant hand gel. In addition, security filters are being regularly cleaned, including the bins used to stow hand baggage. Furthermore, we have demarcated a distance of 1.5 metres with tape in the security areas and we are not using security lanes directly next to each other. 

Treat your baggage like a barrier 
Just as it is in the rest of the Netherlands, we ask that you do not stand too close to one another and to maintain a 1.5 metre distance. We are broadcasting this in the terminal and show this on-screen as well. The extra spaces at ticketing and check-in desks, transfer counters and arrival points are demarcated by barrier tape and/or stanchion ropes to show 1.5-metres of distance, so that travellers can account for the extra distance. Plastic protective materials have gone up at KLM’s check-in counters to prevent direct contact. The buses to and from Departures and Arrivals will run more frequently. And you will only see one Marechaussee (border police) officer per station at Passport Control. It can be hard to maintain distance when you’re queuing so please use your baggage as a barrier. Place your suitcase well in front of you to create some extra space.  












Keep your distance at the baggage reclaim area 
Speaking of baggage  there was a problem with keeping distance at the baggage reclaim area on several occasions in recent days. This happened because a lot of baggage was placed on the same baggage band. We regret that. In the meantime, Schiphol and its partners have taken steps to fix that. Going forward, each flight will be given a separate baggage belt so that you can keep enough distance when picking up your baggage. Customs has also expanded the number of locations where they intensively check the so-called ‘100% controlled flights’. As a result, these flights may also be handled on separate baggage belts. If you are still on the plane with your baggage or ready to board, the crew will ask you to spread out when you enter or alight the plane.  

We will keep doing our best to remind everyone to maintain a 1.5 metre distance between themselves and other travellers. Please be aware that you may be addressed directly by Schiphol employees, security and the Marechaussee on this matter. Please do this for yourself and other travellers at Schiphol – and take care of your health and keep your distance from others. Thank you!