How you will travel through Schiphol in the future


You may wonder what it will be like to travel again through Schiphol. The airport is a place where many people gather, so it may make some people feel quite uncomfortable. That is particularly the case nowadays, since we are used to social distancing and we are avoiding direct contact with people as much as possible. That is why Schiphol has recently made every effort to implement the government’s directives about the corona virus. That way, you will be able to travel responsibly wherever you may go.

For your safety
We consider the health and safety of everyone who travels through Schiphol – and indeed, works at Schiphol – to be of great importance. We have indicated how to keep 1.5-metres away from others in many places at the airport. There are chairs outside in the waiting areas, so that you do not have to stand too close to someone else. The security staff check will maintain a distance of 1.5-metres as much as possible; if they cannot, they will wear gloves and face masks. You will also notice other airport staff with masks. As much as possible, every second check-in desk and gate will be used. Schiphol employees will ensure that it does not get too full anytime you need to queue. The baggage belts will have baggage carts spaced at every 1.5-metres, and baggage from each flight will arrive on a separate belt.

Clean facilities
All of Schiphol’s amenities will be well-cleaned. This is particularly the case for those that many people come into contact with, such as bins at the security control areas and rest rooms. Toilets will be signposted to indicate how you can maintain distance and enter with a limited number of people. Hand sanitiser will also be available at all toilets for extra protection. There will be plastic screens placed in front of all check-in, transfer ticket counters and service points. In addition, you will also notice them at all open shops and food service establishments. We are already preparing all locations for the new guidelines for the food service industry (maintain 1.5-metres distance and a maximum number of visitors). Even though bars and restaurants are closed, you are able to take food and drinks away. In addition, buses that take you to and from the plane are also cleaned after every ride and will be thoroughly cleaned in the evening or at night.

Checks for infections
Your airline may ask you to complete a health certificate before you board. There will be health checks at the check-in desk and at the gate for a small number of destinations. If you plan to travel to Schiphol from an area with a high risk of contamination, you can be checked by a GGD employee when you alight the plane. If there is possibly a passenger on the plane with symptoms of an infection, then we will guide everyone on board according to a separate safety protocol.

Take care of yourself
There are ways in which you can make your visit to Schiphol as safe as possible, as well as for your fellow travellers. Face masks are already compulsory on the train and with several airlines, so it goes without saying that Schiphol will also be deploying that rule. We are currently deciding the best approach for this. Please maintain a 1.5-metre distance even if you are traveling in a group. Wash your hands regularly. Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow and use a tissue or handkerchief. Do not shake hands. In following these rules, you will not only do yourself a favour but you will support everyone around you too. Have a nice trip!