Improved bus services at Schiphol


A new bus schedule will make Amsterdam Airport Schiphol more accessible by bus for passengers and staff. The new Connexxion bus schedule will enter into force on Sunday 10 December. From April 2018, the diesel buses will be replaced by 100 electric buses and Schiphol will have the largest fleet of electric buses in Europe.

The new bus schedule will improve the quality of public transport at and around Schiphol. Passengers and people who work at Schiphol will gain faster and more frequent connections and 24-hour public transport services, as well as additional mobility services, such as car and bicycle sharing. In addition, the deployment of longer buses and extra buses will expand the range of transport options still further. As a result, the new bus transport at and around Schiphol is ready for the future.

Electric buses
From April 2018, the Schiphol network will only include electric buses. This was one of the conditions imposed by Schiphol and the Amsterdam Transport Region during the tendering process for the airport's bus transport concession.

Schiphol wanted to include this condition in the invitation to tender because the airport wishes to limit emissions at and around the airport. Other examples of this include the electric bus transport on airside (bus transport to and from the aircraft), the world's largest fleet of electric taxis at the airport and Fixed Electrical Ground Power (FEGP) for stationary aircraft, eliminating the use of kerosene-powered auxiliary motors or diesel generators.

Corporate responsibility at Schiphol
Sustainable and safe performance is one of Schiphol's five strategic pillars. Among other measures, Schiphol is working towards CO2-neutral business operations, sustainable growth and waste-free status by 2030.