Joop Wijn appointed to Schiphol Group Supervisory Board

Joop Wijn (43) has been appointed to the Schiphol Group Supervisory Board effective 1 June 2012. He has been appointed for a term of four years.

Mr Wijn currently serves on the Board of Directors of ABN AMRO Bank N.V. and was Director of Rabobank Nederland from 2007-2009.

Previously, Mr Wijn held various positions in government, as Minister of Economic Affairs (2006-2007), State Secretary for Finance (2003-2006) and State Secretary for Economic Affairs (2002-2003). Prior to this he was a CDA party member of the Lower House of Dutch parliament.

Mr Wijn holds degrees in Dutch Law and Economics from the University of Amsterdam.

In addition to his seat on the Schiphol Group Supervisory Board, Mr Wijn is also Chair of the Board of Governors of Oranje Fonds and a member of the General Council of VNO-NCW.

The Supervisory Board and Management Board of Schiphol Group are pleased to welcome Mr Wijn. With his wide-ranging experience in business, public administration and civil society organisations, Mr Wijn will be contributing valuable expertise to Schiphol Group.