Large-scale maintenance of Runway 06-24 (Kaagbaan) at Schiphol

Large-scale maintenance will take place on Runway 06-24 from Saturday 18 March up to and including Wednesday 24 May. Runway 06-24 will be out of use during this period. This year, we have chosen an integral approach in which various types of activities are combined during a period of over nine weeks. Following the large-scale maintenance, Runway 06-24 will be swept over the course of ten nights ending on Tuesday 13 June. The runway will be closed to air traffic while it is being swept.


Almost the entire runway will be provided with new layers of asphalt, a total of 225,000 m2. The sides of the runway will be renovated and the hidden gullies which are suitable for the heaviest aircraft categories will be raised and renewed over a length of six kilometres. The runway will also be provided with an antiskid top layer. The entire lighting installation, comprising 1500 lamps and the associated equipment, will be replaced with an energy-efficient system. 130 kilometres of new cables will also be laid. The surrounding fields will be restored and provided with drainage and new grass, for which 15,000 kilograms of grass seed will be required. The main drainage system, with a diameter of 1.5 metres, will also be replaced. Schiphol will be carrying out the activities in collaboration with Heijmans. Around 700 staff will be working day and night in shifts to ensure that Runway 06-24 is finished on time.

Air traffic to other runways

As Runway 06-24 will no longer be in use, the air traffic which would normally use Runway 06-24 will be divided between Runways 09-27 (Buitenveldertbaan, 18C-36C (Zwanenburgbaan) and 18L-36R (Aalsmeerbaan) during this period. This may cause greater inconvenience in the municipalities located beneath the approach paths and climb-out routes of these runways.

Schiphol would request your understanding in this matter.

For more information or questions, local residents can contact the Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol (BAS). Call 020 6015555 or consult www.bezoekbas.nl. The website also specifies the dates of scheduled and large-scale maintenance on the other runways at Schiphol.

See the maintenance work in person

On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 April 2017, local residents can come to see the maintenance activities which are being carried out on Runway 06-24. From Wednesday 22 March, interested parties can apply via the site: www.schiphol.nl/kaagbaanexperience. Please note that 1000 tickets are available, so don't delay!