Long-term partnership between Dutch construction firms and Schiphol


Dutch construction firms will be able to carry out assignments at Schiphol with a total estimated value of 2.5 to 3.5 billion euros over a period of no more than nine years. The assignments will centre on maintaining and investing in existing infrastructure at the airport. The firms that Schiphol is taking through to the finalisation phase of the tendering process are BAM, Heijmans and VolkerWessels.

Schiphol divided the assignments into six lots, with the airport selecting preferred candidates for five lots by means of a European tendering procedure.

Aircraft stands lot - Consortium comprising KWS Infra BV and VolkerRail Nederland BV (both VolkerWessels companies)
Landside infrastructure lot - BAM Infra BV
Underground infrastructure lot - BAM Infra BV
Terminals 1 & 2 lot - Heijmans Utiliteit BV
Terminal 3 & Schiphol Plaza lot - BAM Bouw en Techniek BV
Runway areas lot - Heijmans Infra BV

Main contracts 2019
Schiphol launched a European tendering procedure under the name ‘Main contracts 2019’ to select a set partner for the construction, renovation and maintenance of the infrastructure for the six lots. The strategic partnership will be entered into for a maximum term of nine years.

The decisive factor for Schiphol when assessing the submissions was the contribution to the ambition to become ‘Europe’s Preferred Airport’. Consequently, the emphasis in the tendering procedure was on cost-optimisation, improving operational management, sustainability and the use of (digital) innovations. The construction firms will be remunerated on the basis of performance and performance will ultimately determine the extent of their involvement in the project portfolio as well. f.

Concretisation Phase
Schiphol is now set to enter the realisation phase with the selected companies. This means that the construction firms will be fleshing out and fine-tuning their proposed plans and performances with Schiphol over the next few months. If the finalised details still dovetail with the invitation to tender and Schiphol’s operations, then the parties will go ahead and sign the contracts. This is expected to happen at the end of 2018, with the implementation subsequently commencing in April 2019.