Lorry drivers find safe waiting places at Schiphol via app

Together with Connected Transport Corridor (CTC) Amsterdam West Side, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is launching a pilot project that will enable lorry drivers to find a safe waiting place online if they are unable to load and unload immediately upon arrival at the airport. This contributes to better accessibility, because it prevents queues and illegal parking around Schiphol.

During the pilot project, the Truckmeister app, which is well known in the sector, will show drivers available spaces at the secure Truck Parking 3 (TP3) at Schiphol-Southeast, which they can then navigate to. In the busy environment around Schiphol, it is important to avoid traffic congestion wherever possible, and it is also important for lorry drivers to find a place where they can wait and rest safely.


Schiphol is working hard to further develop the accessibility around Schiphol in a clean, efficient and smart way with the help of digital resources. We encourage lorry drivers who arrive early to use TP3, so that they do not park on the carriageway unless they have to. It also reduces CO2 emissions around Schiphol, because drivers spend less time driving around the area. 
Erik Felëus, Smart Building Developer at Schiphol Commercial

Truckmeister app
Via the Truckmeister app, drivers receive an automatic notification of the number of available parking or waiting locations as soon as they approach Schiphol. With the press of a button, the driver is then shown the route to the location and can navigate to it. The pilot will run until approximately the end of 2021, after which the results will be evaluated.