Major maintenance on Runway 18R-36L at Schiphol

Maintenance works will be carried out on Runway 18R-36L from Sunday evening 25 March through Sunday 15 April. Runway 18R-36L will therefore be taken out of service during this period. Various types of activities will be carried out over three weeks.

ActivitiesDuring this maintenance we will be repairing asphalt and lighting, updating and touching up markings, performing structural renovations of two runway stations and applying 500 metres of new asphalt across the entire runway width. The asphalt on the taxiway leading to Runway 18R-36L will also be repaired, and a field located adjacent to the runway station will be equipped with a drainage system and reprofiled for proper drainage.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be carrying out these works in collaboration with Heijmans. Around 150 employees will work in shifts to ensure that Runway 18R-36L is back in service on time.

The works will be carried out over a period of three weeks. We have opted to perform so-called service life-prolonging maintenance to cover a period of three years, allowing us to carry out major maintenance on all of Runway 18R-36L in 2021.

Air traffic diverted to other runways

The agreement is that we primarily use Runway 18R-36L and Runway 06-24 in the interest of reducing noise disturbance, which we do. Because Runway 18R-36L will be out of service, the air traffic that normally uses this runway will be distributed over Runway 09-27, Runway 18C-36C and Runway 18L-36R during the maintenance period. This will cause more disturbance in the municipalities located underneath the flight paths of these runways.

For more information or questions, local residents can contact the Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol (BAS) by calling 020-6015555 or visiting www.bezoekbas.nl. The BAS website provides the dates of regular and major maintenance of the other runways at Schiphol. The schedule can change as a result of weather conditions or operational disruptions.