New aircraft bridge over the A4 now being used by taxiing planes at Schiphol


As of today, a new aircraft bridge over the A4 motorway is in use at Schiphol. This aircraft bridge is part of the project to turn the only remaining single-lane taxiway, taxiway Quebec, at Schiphol into a dual one. There is a structure of dual taxiways for taxiing aircraft around the whole terminal complex, with the exception of taxiway Quebec. Turning Quebec into a dual taxiway increases safety at Schiphol and improves the infrastructure for airlines and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands.

Constructing a second aircraft bridge over one of the Netherlands’ busiest motorways was a complex task. It measures 250 by 60 metres and has a total surface area of 15,000 metres squared. In order for it to be able to carry the weight of the two largest categories of aircraft, 900 foundation piles needed. The new aircraft bridge goes over the motorways, Schiphol tunnels and the Abdijtunnel. The construction and opening of the new aircraft bridge went according to schedule and within budget.


 By making Quebec a dual taxiway, we are resolving two issues at once – the situation will be more manageable for Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, who direct the taxiing aircraft, and planes will no longer have to wait in line. We are therefore increasing safety at Schiphol and improving our service at the airport at the same time. The completion of the new aircraft bridge is a fantastic milestone in the dual taxiway Quebec project
Hanne Buis, Chief Projects & Assets Officer at Royal Schiphol Group

Sustainable & circular construction
Schiphol’s sustainability goals were also taken into consideration throughout this project. Buildings were taken down in a circular way, so that parts could be reused. One example of this is the 22,000 square metres of roof covering taken from surrounding buildings that was turned into 8,800 tonnes of asphalt. Furthermore, 52,000 km of transport movements were spared thanks to a temporary concrete mixing plant at Schiphol. 

The next phase
The dual taxiway Quebec project is taking place in phases. The first phase – the completion of the aircraft bridge with new taxiway – has reached a conclusion. The next phase involves connecting the taxiway to the previously existing taxiways. Schiphol expects this to be finished in 2025.