New architecture supervisor at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

As of 1 January 2018, Don Murphy (b. 1965 in Ireland) is the new Supervisor of Architecture and Urban Development for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Hailing from VMX Architects, he succeeds Liesbeth van de Pol who had held the position since 1 July 2014. As Supervisor, Murphy will be safeguarding the spatial quality of and cohesion between the various buildings at Schiphol. This includes both the public spaces with their many office buildings and the airport terminal.

Murphy’s tasks will include selecting architects and supervising them in designing new buildings. Furthermore, he will also be in charge of approving designs for the Building Inspectorate at the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. Murphy will be working closely together with terminal architects Jan Benthem and Kees Kaan, as well as with the designer of the public spaces, landscape architect Adriaan Geuze.

'Improving the spatial quality'
Murphy is excited to embark upon this new challenge. “As an independent inspirer and critical thinker, I relish the task of improving and rejuvenating the spatial quality and architectural cohesion of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with all the conviction and enthusiasm I can muster. It will be a great challenge to ensure the transparency, experience and user-friendliness for all those who use Schiphol.”

Schiphol chose Murphy on account of his experience as supervisor, his knowledge of airports and his experience at Schiphol – having served as architect for the General Aviation terminal at Schiphol-East, among other things.

Airport City
Schiphol is more than just an airport. Aviation activity creates a strong economic impulse and attraction, meaning Schiphol has everything a proper city has – apart from residents. It’s an international hub for various types of transportation and offers plenty of facilities, including catering establishments, hotels and offices. As supervisor, Murphy will also be responsible for the urban cohesion between the aviation-related and non-aviation-related activities at Schiphol.










(Photo: Don Murphy)