New destinations and routes from Schiphol this winter


Amsterdam Airport Schiphols new winter timetable takes effect on Sunday, 29 October. With four new destinations and four new routes, Schiphol’s extensive and frequent network of destinations is expanding even further. The airport thus continues to offer the greatest direct connectivity. According to the 2017 Connectivity Report published by the ACI, the international umbrella organisation serving the interests of the world’s airports, Schiphol has the greatest direct connectivity of all European airports. The winter timetable is effective through Saturday, 24 March 2018.

New destinations for Schiphol

This winter, India’s Jet Airways is adding a fourth route to the Schiphol network. The non-stop connection to Bengaluru, the third largest city in India, is new. Last year, Jet Airways was a newcomer at Schiphol, offering new routes to Mumbai, New Delhi and Toronto. Bengaluru, also known as Bangalore, is located in the south of India and has a thriving IT development industry. Home to millions of residents, the city is situated in a region popular with tourists.

San José and Mauritius
KLM will be flying new routes to the beautiful island of Mauritius east of Africa, and to Costa Rica in Central America. Business travellers and holidaymakers can choose from three flights each week to Mauritius. San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is a new destination for KLM, with two flights each week.

Sharm el Sheikh
TUI is resuming service to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt. This route was cancelled at the end of 2015; the airline will add the holiday destination to its network again.

This winter, three new destinations will also be added for a limited period. Delta Air Lines will fly to Las Vegas in January several times and to Austin (Texas) in March several times; Transavia will operate a series of flights to Kiruna in Sweden.

New routes
New routes for airlines; these are routes currently operated by other airlines.

India clearly has tremendous potential for trade and tourism: KLM is also adding a new route. From the winter onwards, KLM will fly three times a week to Mumbai, which is India’s largest city and located on the west coast. India’s capital, New Delhi, has been part of the KLM route network for some time.

This winter, TUI fly will offer a connection to Praia, the capital of the Cape Verde islands.

Boa Vista
Transavia is also flying to Cape Verde this winter with a connection to Boa Vista, the third-largest island.

Continuation from the summer
A number of destinations were not flown to last winter, but will be continued to be flown to in line with the summer timetable and are thus being offered year-round now.