New Director Security and new Director Safety & Environment


Philip van Noort is set to be the new Director Security and Hedzer Komduur the new Director Safety & Environment at Royal Schiphol Group. After the departure of Wilma van Dijk, who was appointed Director Rotterdam The Hague Airport on 1 September, and in light of the weight of both portfolios, Schiphol's senior management decided to split the Safety, Security & Environment (SSE) department in two. Both directors will assume their new positions on 1 October. 

COO Hanne Buis: "Both departments are facing major challenges. Those at security are well-known and visible. There is an enormous amount of work to be done there and we believe that it is best done in a dedicated department. The same goes for Safety & Environment, with large and time-consuming dossiers including ultrafine particles, safety on and around the platform and sustainability. The Management Board is very confident that Philip and Hedzer can meet these challenges together with their teams." 

Safety & Environment 
Hedzer Komduur: "I am pleased that we are able to give all aspects of Safety, Security & Environment the attention they deserve. Safety, in any shape or form, is and will remain top priority within Schiphol. I am looking forward to working with Philip and the team to keep Schiphol a safe airport." 

Hedzer has been interim Director Safety, Security & Environment since June 2020. Prior to Schiphol, he worked for the Ministry of Justice & Security and for TNO. 

Philip van Noort: "In these unsettled times, my first priority is to establish a reliable and optimal security operation. That calls for the further intensification of action, clarity and an even closer cooperation within the Security team and with our partners. The aim is to deliver on our promises: safe travel for all passengers and a safe workplace for all employees." 

Philip has worked at Royal Schiphol Group for a long time now. He has held various positions within Operations and Schiphol Projects. His previous role was Senior Manager Operations at Lelystad Airport.