New innovations at Schiphol


Schiphol is very quiet right now, but it doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels. We’re using the time to perform extra maintenance and to make progress on innovations throughout the terminal. That way, we will improve our daily operations at the airport – and be ready when everyone’s able to fly again for business or pleasure.

Handy help at Security
Most travellers need to pay close attention to where they should be at security, and when to put their personal items in the plastic trays. Almost all of our security lanes have recently been fitted with a unique digital assistant. It points you to a free spot, where you can prepare yourself and your hand baggage to go through the final security checks. The digital assistant directs you to the space with an animation and spoken message, which was designed to be clear to international visitors. The place where you would normally deposit your items into a plastic tray has been equipped with sensors and smart technology, so that it can determine which positions are free. In this way, everyone will be pointed in the right direction.

Smart monitoring of the turnaround process
Several things must happen to a stationary plane at the gate so it can be restocked before take-off. Those things include restocking the catering options to bring food and drinks on board, and suitcases being loaded into the baggage hold. We call this the ‘turnaround process’. It is a complex procedure that requires the coordination of several other processes. There are cameras at the H-Pier and on a few gates at the D-Pier and E-Pier that are being used to film the turnaround process in action. Smart technology then analyses the images captured by the cameras, then converts that information into data. This technique is used in order to provide us with more insight into the turnaround process. That way, Schiphol and its partners, like handling agents and airlines, will soon know ways that we can improve it.

Smart buildings
Once you’re at Schiphol, you’re probably thinking of heading to Departures and flying off. Alternatively, you may be picking up your loved ones after they return home from a trip. However, there are also a number of offices located at Schiphol. Those buildings are being made smarter using smart technology, with the goal of creating an optimal working environment. Many of the offices are now very quiet because most people are working from home. One of the steps we are taking right. Now is gaining insight into the energy consumption and air pressure in the buildings. With that information, we can work with our partners to reduce their energy consumption in a direct and targeted way. Together, we will consider the best way to prepare the offices for limited use so that we can work together again safely when the time comes.