Notifly keeps Schiphol’s neighbours up to date on air traffic

The new Notifly app gives Schiphol’s neighbours an insight into air traffic at their location by providing real-time information. Local residents can use the app to check current and expected air traffic and runway use up to 24 hours ahead. In the event of any sudden changes to expected air traffic – due to changing weather conditions, for instance – Notifly users can opt to receive a notification.

Local residents can see an hourly indication of how many aircraft are expected to fly overhead. They can also see a map with live air traffic and information about the aircraft type, which runway a plane took off from or which one it will land on, where it came from or where it is heading, and the altitude and speed. The new app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iOS App Store

I asked the aviation sector to create a ‘weather forecast for flights’ for local residents. I am pleased that this has been achieved with today’s launch of the Notifly app. Predictability is important to the people living close to Schiphol.
Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management)

Developed in collaboration with neighbours

Two years ago, Schiphol started looking into the information need of local residents. It turned out that there was demand for more predictability regarding air traffic and for a more proactive approach regarding communication. The airport hopes that Notifly will meet these needs. Neighbours have been testing Notifly over the past few months in preparation for the launch. Feedback from this so-called beta test was used to improve the application before it went live. After the launch, Schiphol will continue to work with local residents on the further development of the app, such as expanding the operating range.

Transparent communication and information contributes to improving the quality of the living environment. Notifly meets the neighbours’ need for more predictable air traffic.
Dick Benschop, President & CEO of Royal Schiphol Group

Self-learning algorithm

Notify makes the location-specific air traffic predictions using a self-learning algorithm. Notifly’s forecast is the result of a number of variables being linked together to create reliable predictions. The model processes radar data and weather data from the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), searches for similar conditions and takes the average. This is a self-learning model; predictions are compared with the actual number of planes that fly overhead. The model then processes this new data and learns from it to make the forecast increasingly accurate.

For more information about Notifly, visit Schiphol.nl/notifly.