On April 1st – beam us up, Scotty!

You may have seen or heard in yesterday’s news that Schiphol and André Kuipers have teamed up to achieve one great ambition – to build a spaceport by 2030. Schiphol loves to innovate, and we look forward to tackling aerospace travel. 

Let’s get digital

Becoming the world’s leading digital airport is much closer than 2030. We want to help travellers with as much personal and relevant information as possible, especially by using data smartly and employing the latest digital technologies.We are aiming for a seamless central flow from the moment someone arrives at Schiphol. We want a situation where your travel documents will only be shown once. After being checked, you will proceed through to your flight with minimal fuss. We are looking out for digital applications that will make the travel process run as smoothly as possible.

Building a future

We have lofty ambitions. A lot has already been revamped since 2013, and we have been working hard to increase our capacity and quality. Lounge 2 was completely renovated, an extra floor was added to the piers, and we moved toward more central security. But we still have a continuous need for renovation, expansion and improvement. We open our new temporary departure hall next Tuesday. And in the future, we will build a new terminal and pier, make improved accessibility adjustments to the train and bus station, and add new parking areas.

Perform today, create tomorrow

The founders of our airport were pioneers who had vision and stamina. Their out-of-the-box thinking came at time when others did not dare to dream as big as them. In that spirit, we are building the Schiphol of tomorrow. Our motto is: perform today, create tomorrow. We have become great – and if we continue to innovate, we can look forward to the next 100 years with confidence.