One-millionth taxi ride from the Schiphol stand

Time to thank our taxi drivers! Today marked the one-millionth taxi ride to leave the Schiphol taxi stand in 2018. Of these journeys, around 70% were driven in a Tesla: electric and no emissions. As a celebration, we treated the passengers who went on the one-millionth ride, as well as all of the taxi drivers.

When two travellers from the United Kingdom unsuspectingly boarded the taxi bound for Amsterdam, they were surprised with the news that they had just gotten into the taxi taking the one-millionth ride to leave the taxi stand. To mark the occasion, their fare was on the house and they received a souvenir model Tesla. All of the taxi drivers were treated to a delicious lunch from the food trucks.

Electric taxis

We strive for clean and less road traffic to, from and at Schiphol. To this end, a record number of electric taxis have been in operation at Schiphol from 2014 onwards. Chances are that you will step into one of the 167 Teslas at the Schiphol taxi stand. Who would not want to do so?

In addition to the 700,000 electric and zero-emission rides, another 100,000 rides were conducted by taxi vans that are powered by green gas. Those rides are for larger groups in need of transport. The remaining 200,000 taxi rides were carried out by petrol, diesel or hybrid vehicles. These taxis are dispatched when the electric models are occupied.

Electric city

More and more electrically powered vehicles are in use at and around Schiphol. As from the end of March 2018, 100 electric public transport buses serve Schiphol with internal and external routes: the largest electric bus fleet in Europe! There is a large number of vehicles powered by electricity operating not only in public but also behind the scenes. For example, electric buses are used on our platforms for transporting passengers to their aircraft, while your suitcase is brought to the aircraft by electric baggage tractors. Moreover, all electricity at Schiphol is generated by Dutch wind. You can read more about what Schiphol is doing in terms of sustainability here.