Ongoing focus on operational measures and passenger experience

Today, 3 September 2018, Royal Schiphol Group publishes its interim figures. The total number of passengers at Royal Schiphol Group grew by 5.8% to 37.8 million passengers (HY 2017: 35.7 million). The number of passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, where the maximum number of air transport movements (500,000 per year until 1 November 2020) has been reached, also showed a sustained growth of 5.5%. The growth is mainly due to the fact that airlines are using larger aircraft and to the higher load factors. Thanks to the additional operational measures, the busy summer period went well.

Dick Benschop, President and CEO of Royal Schiphol Group: ‘Safety is our top priority in the further development of Schiphol. A covenant on the Integral Safety Management System was signed in July. In addition, we devote maximum attention to quality, innovation and sustainability. Due to the fast growth we have witnessed in recent years it tends to get busy in the terminal, where space has become scarce. I am very pleased, therefore, that construction projects such as for Departures and Lounge 1 and the new pier are in full swing.'

The net result for the first half of 2018 amounts to 115 million euros, which is virtually the same as the net result for the same period in the previous year (-2.0%, HY 2017: 117 million euros). An increase in revenue (by 15 million euros), in other results from investment property (by 20 million euros) and in the results of associates and joint ventures (by 15 million euros) was offset by an increase in total operating expenses (by 51 million euros). The increases in revenue and operating expenses were in line with our expectations. The increase in operating expenses was partly related to continuing growth in the number of passengers and to the additional measures that are necessary to manage this growth effectively both now and in the future. Our capital investments continue to focus on further improving safe operations and passenger experience.

Key developments in the first half of 2018

• Passenger volumes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol increased by 5.5% to 34.0 million (HY 2017: 32.2 million). The number of air transport movements at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol rose by 1.1% to 242,343. Cargo volumes decreased by 2.6% to just over 844 thousand tonnes.

• Royal Schiphol Group continues to invest in capacity, quality and accessibility. Capital expenditure amounted to 232 million euros (HY 2017: 207 million euros). The main investments in the first half of 2018 were the development of the new pier and terminal, the redevelopment of Departure Hall 1 and Departure Lounge 1, the expansion of the multi-storey car park at P3, new equipment for scanning hold and hand baggage and Lelystad Airport.

• Redevelopment of Departure Hall 1 and Departure Lounge 1 commenced on 3 April. As part of this project, security control will be moved to a mezzanine floor, as in Departure Halls 2 and 3. This enables security lanes to be used in a more flexible manner and creates additional space for passengers heading to Schengen destinations.

• Since 28 March, one hundred electric OV Sternet buses have been serving the Schiphol region; this number will grow to 258 in 2021.

• On 29 April 2018, a voltage drop in Tennet's high-voltage grid resulted in an interruption in the power supply at a part of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and failure in a number of crucial operational processes in the terminal. Schiphol commissioned the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO to carry out an investigation, and their interim findings have since been followed up. The investigation will be completed soon.

• Compared with the first half of 2017, total revenue generated by concessions for Schiphol Group increased by 4.2%, mainly due to the growth in passenger numbers. Average retail spending per departing passenger in the shops behind the security checks at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol fell from 13.37 euros to 13.21 euros (-1.2%). Average spending per passenger in catering facilities rose from 4.55 to 4.74 euros (+4.2%).

• The average occupancy rate of Schiphol Group’s total real estate portfolio was 91.1% for the first half of 2018 (HY 2017: 88.6%).

• On 21 February 2018, the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management decided to postpone the opening of Lelystad Airport, which is now expected to take place in 2020.

• Passenger volumes increased further by 9.4% to almost 3 million passengers at Eindhoven Airport and by 3.6% to 882 thousand at Rotterdam The Hague Airport .

• On 19 June, Schiphol won the ACI Eco Innovation Award for its extensive efforts in the field of sustainability. On 21 March, Schiphol received the Skytrax Award for ‘Best Airport Staff’.