You can't see them, but they are definitely there. In fact, their numbers are growing. And you are benefiting from them more and more at Schiphol without even realising.  

Positive energy at P3 
What are we talking about? Our solar panels! We already have thousands of them, mostly on our roofs. That's why you can't see them. The P3 car park is one of the locations where you can find solar panels. P3 is where you go if you park at Schiphol for longer periods of time. The energy generated by these solar panels provides P3 with electricity. The barriers, lights, tickets machines... all the electricity you use comes from the sun. 

Spot the solar panel 
In some places, it is possible to see solar panels. Several of the aircraft stairs we use have a solar panel on the side. The stairs are driven to the aircraft using the solar energy it has generated. And there is a field of solar panels behind the Judicial Complex. You might have seen the Judicial Complex in the news a few times – it's the location of a high security court.  

Soaking up the sun 
How much power are our solar panels producing? Ever more! This year, almost three times as much as last year. Not because we had more hours of sunshine this year, but because there are more than 6000 extra panels on the roof of P3. Last year, our solar panels generated a total of 600,000 kWh of solar power. This year, it should be around 1,900,000 kWh. That's equivalent to the annual energy consumption of more than 500 households.  

Even more solar (and wind) power to come 
We are still not completely satisfied. Our goal is for Schiphol to run entirely on renewable energy, some of which will be generated here. That's why we are planning on getting many more solar panels. They will be installed at various locations, including the new Pier A. And did you know that Schiphol has been powered by Dutch wind power since 2018? It may not be visible, but we bet that you'll pause for thought next time you charge up your phone in the lounge. We also source renewable energy together with the three regional airports. And because many of our business partners purchase electricity from Royal Schiphol Group, their energy supply becomes more sustainable too. 

Sun smart 
There are many buildings, roofs and fields at Schiphol. Why not cover them all with solar panels? That's just not possible, unfortunately. Solar glint and glare can be problematic for pilots during take-off and landing. And we don't want that, because safety is top priority. Air Traffic Control the Netherlands therefore always helps us when choosing a location for solar panels. At Schiphol, we stay sun smart!