Regular maintenance to Schiphol Runway 04-22

Regular maintenance work will be carried out at Runway 04-22 (oostbaan) and the adjacent taxiways from Saturday 22 September up to and including Sunday 30 September. Runway 04-22, normally used mainly by general business aviation, will be taken out of service during this period. This air traffic will be divided over the other runways for take-off and landing during this period.

Regular runway maintenance involves removing rubber residue from the runway and repairing the asphalt and concrete. Maintenance is also carried out on rainwater drainage and the runway lighting receives a thorough cleaning.

For more information or if you have any questions about air traffic during the maintenance period, local residents are invited to contact the Local Community Contact Centre Schiphol (Bas). To do so, either call +31 (0)20 -601 55 55 or consult the website: www.bezoekbas.nl. The Bas website provides the dates of regular and major maintenance of the other runways at Schiphol. However, the schedule may be deviated from due to weather conditions or operational disruptions.