Royal Schiphol Group appoints Chief Digital Officer

Royal Schiphol Group has appointed Albert van Veen as Chief Digital Officer. Van Veen is currently the Chief Information Officer at Royal Schiphol Group, and will be succeeded in that role by Sjoerd Blüm.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol aims to become the most digitally advanced airport in the world by 2018. As the impact of this digital transformation is quite significant, a strategic leader has been selected who can push the required changes through. This role is currently interwoven with that of the IT Director. By separating these roles, it becomes possible to fast-track fundamental changes. Furthermore, it will allow for control over the internal and external consequences of a digital airport.

The Chief Digital Officer will focus on bringing about complete digital transformation. Van Veen will be responsible for the Digital Airport Programme and the further implementation of 'digital-first-thinking'. He will also work to improve the digital knowledge and skills of all employees. Additionally, he will develop a vision on the use of data and lead the way in process changes.

Albert van Veen is a leader in the field of digital transformation. He started his career at TNT. After that, Albert worked as CIO at the Dutch retail bank ING and started working for Royal Schiphol Group in July 2014. As CIO, he was responsible for all IT services and digital programmes at Schiphol.

Sjoerd Blüm, who is currently the Business Technology Centre Manager, will become the new Chief Information Officer. Sjoerd Blüm and Albert van Veen will be cooperating intensively on further fleshing out and realising Schiphol's digital ambitions.

Sjoerd Blüm - nu Manager Business Technology Center - wordt de nieuwe Chief Information Officer. Hij en Albert van Veen zullen intensief samenwerken aan de verdere invulling en concretisering van de digitale ambities van Schiphol.