Royal Schiphol Group to expand share in Brisbane Airport

Royal Schiphol Group will expand its share in Brisbane Airport (BACH) of which it has been a shareholder since 1997. The interest will be increased by 0.89% to 19.61% The shares will be acquired from one of the other shareholders in BACH.

The business outlook for Brisbane Airport is positive. Over the years, Royal Schiphol Group has supported Brisbane Airport’s development by sharing knowledge, through secondment arrangements and by obtaining seats on its Board of Directors. Brisbane Airport is making significant investments to ensure its future success. Key projects include the construction of a new parallel runway, the redevelopment of its domestic terminal building and the expansion of its international terminal building. In addition, investments are being made in the development of commercial property and parking capacity on the airport grounds.

In 2019, Brisbane Airport received the SkyTrax Award for the best airport in Australia/Pacific. This is the third time Brisbane Airport has claimed Best Airport (Australia/Pacific) in the past four years, while also winning Best Staff (Australia/Pacific) in 2015 and 2017. Over 23 million passengers travelled via Brisbane Airport in 2018.

In July 1997 BACH was granted a 50-year airport management lease, plus the option to renew the lease for another 49 years.