Royal Schiphol Group wins 2018 Henri Sijthoff Award

On 30 October, Royal Schiphol Group received the Henri Sijthoff Award in the ‘non-listed companies’ category for its 2017 Annual Report.

Dutch daily Het Financieele Dagblad organises this annual award ceremony for companies that have distinguished themselves through their financial reporting. Schiphol Group was awarded this prize three times before, in 2007, 2012 and 2015. The jury report included the following comments: Schiphol presents a clear report in which the discussion topics are stated straight away. The Supervisory Board’s report includes dissenting opinions, which serves as an example to others. Objectives are listed for each section, along with a SWOT analysis and an overview of the competition. The report additionally covers the issues of sustainability and diversity.

Jabine van der Meijs, CFO of Royal Schiphol Group: ‘Winning this award is an honour as well as a great reward and incentive for the team that worked so hard on this report. It reflects our aim to communicate clear and transparent information about our airports’ activities and impact. Naturally, we will continue down this path in our future annual reports.’

Schiphol Group’s annual report is published online only and is not available in printed format. The 2017 report can be viewed at www.jaarverslagschiphol.nl and www.annualreportschiphol.com.