Schiphol Aviation Awards 2013

Prizes awarded to business partners at annual Schiphol Aviation Awards

The 2013 Schiphol Aviation Awards were presented this afternoon by Ad Rutten, Executive Vice President & COO of Schiphol Group. The prizes are awarded annually in recognition of innovative business practices or outstanding achievement by business partners working at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Airline of the Year Award Europe

The ‘Airline of the Year Award Europe’ went to easyJet this year. The company places a strong focus on customer satisfaction and baggage handling. easyJet also uses innovative ways of optimising passenger flow. The number of people flown by easyJet increased by 6% over the past year, to 3.5 million passengers.

Airline of the Year Award North & South America

With 32 direct destinations in North and South America, KLM and Delta Air Lines are a very strong partner for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Accounting for a total of 7 million passengers, they are deserving winners of this joint award.

Airline of the Year Award Asia

In 2013, China Southern Airlines flew twice daily from Schiphol to Beijing and Guangzhou. It received the ‘Airline of the Year Award Asia’ for strong growth both in passenger transport and air cargo.

Airline of the Year Award Africa & Middle East

Etihad Airways has served Amsterdam since May 2013. Over the past year, Etihad Airways has flown 125,000 passengers through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In recognition of this remarkable achievement, the airline was presented with the ‘Airline of the Year Award Africa & Middle East’.

Cargo Award

This year’s ‘Cargo Award’ went to European Cargo Services B.V. This was in recognition of the initiatives it has taken in response to the difficult economic environment. It also provided extra capacity for the transport of live animals at the right time.

Ground Handling Award 2013

This year, rather than give the award to a single ground handler, every ground handler is being recognised. This is partly down to the strong collaboration seen during the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS).