Schiphol connected to European network through CDM

As of today, the aviation parties at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are connected to the European network managed by Eurocontrol NMOC (Network Manager Operation Centre) through its local Airport CDM (Collaborative Decision Making) process. Following 27 other European airports, Schiphol has now also acquired the official status of 'CDM Airport'.

Airport CDM is a process developed by Eurocontrol in response to increasing congestion in the European airspace. The general thought behind CDM is that all operational partners (airlines, airports, air traffic control, handlers and Eurocontrol NMOC) share accurate information with each other regarding flight status and schedules. This will increase predictability and enable us to use the available capacity (airspace, gates, taxiways and runways) more effectively.

Schiphol has worked with Airport CDM locally since 2015 and will now contribute to improving the predictability of the European airspace through its connection to the European network.

By using Eurocontrol's B2B Web service, the airport meets an important future requirement in the context of SESAR.

To learn more about CDM, visit www.schiphol.nl/cdm