Schiphol Group 2013 Interim Report

Building together a Mainport Future

• Net revenue up by 3.3% to EUR 658 million (2012: EUR 637 million);

• EBITDA up by 1.0% to EUR 266 million (2012: EUR 264 million);

• Operating result up by 5.1% to EUR 148 million (2012: EUR 141 million);

• Net result of EUR 110 million (2012: EUR 93 million; an increase of 18.9%).

Key developments

• Passenger numbers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol increased beyond expectation by 3.1% to 24.7 million passengers in the first half of 2013, while the number of air transport movements fell by 0.7% to 204,452. Cargo volume showed a slight rise to 735,000 tonnes, with market conditions remaining challenging for aircargo carriers.

• Income from interests in domestic and foreign airports made a substantial contribution to the result, with the share in results of associates going up from EUR 24 million in the first half of 2012 to EUR 33 million in the first half of 2013, primarily due to better results posted by Brisbane Airport.

• Average spending per departing passenger at airside retail outlets fell by 1.5% to EUR 16.23. However, total revenue from concessions and retail sales increased, which meant that the operating result on these activities went up as well.

• The purchase and completion of a number of new buildings which are not fully let reduced the property occupancy level to 87.3% (2012: 89.9%). In view of the difficult market conditions this is still a good level, considering that rental income increased. An unrealised fair value loss of EUR 6 million was incurred, which is primarily attributable to the redevelopment of property.

• In May, the Shared Vision Commission presented the second part of its report to the government. In addition, Schiphol has indicated that it will put a maximum of 1% increase in airport charges for 2014 and 2015 out to consultation. These percentages do not include the effects of the new regulations on liquids and gels and traffic volume developments.

• 35 electric buses have been ordered for airside bus transportation. In addition, over the next few years,Schiphol will replace all signs along its runways by new ones that are provided with LED lighting.

Response from Jos Nijhuis, Schiphol Group President & CEO

“The growth in passenger numbers in the first half of 2013 is positive. This is mainly due to the strong network of hub carrier KLM and its partners in particular, and shows that even in difficult economic times Mainport Schiphol is a vital link for the Netherlands. However, these remain challenging times for the aviation sector. With the recently launched first construction phase of the Schiphol Master Plan we will be investing more than 500 million euros additionally, in order to remain a high-quality airport for passengers and airlines.Combined with the moderate rise in charges proposed for the coming years, this will further strengthen Schiphol's competitive position.”